The Sniper Portfolio page offers a clean, intuitive interface for interacting with your portfolio including any assets within linked wallets.

From the top of the page you can select or de-select the wallets you wish to view within the portfolio.

Alternatively, you can search for a known wallet using the search bar to inspect portfolio details for a wallet that you do not own.

At the top right of the interface you can navigate between 4 portfolio views


By defualt, navigating to the portfolio displays the assets view. This portion of the interface shows your NFT collectibles, with each displaying details including last sale price and current floor price.

At the top of the screen you will find a summary that displays:

  • Current Wallet Balance (SOL)

  • Estimated Value of other SPLs

  • Estimated Value of all assets (based on floor price)

  • Portion of Assets Listed

  • Total Number of Collections Owned

The right hand side of the screen displays a list view of each of the individual collections within your portfolio, the floor price, and the total value of your assets based on floor price (if you own multiple in the collection).

Several actions can be taken on one or more NFTs from within the Assets View

The buttons above enable the following actions:

  • SELL - Sell the selected assets into best available collection bids.

  • LIST - List the selected assets at a desired price on a desired marketplace. When listing multiple assets, you will be provided options to set individual prices, ladder prices, or set 1 price for all.

  • DELIST - Delist the selected assets.

  • PAPER AIRPLANE - Send the selected assets to a destination wallet.

  • FIRE - Burn the selected assets.

Selecting any of these actions will be followed by confirmation screens and/or additional steps based on the action selected.


The Bids View will display all active and inactive bids that are currently open. Relevant details, including the execution price, current floor price, and how many bids have been filled (if bid was for multiple NFTs).

Bids can be cancelled/closed from this view.


The Activities View displays all activities taken by the selected wallet(s). These activities include:

  • Buy

  • Sell

  • List

  • Delist

  • Transfer

  • Mint

  • Burn

By default, ALL activities are shown. Activities can be filtered using the 'Types' dropdown.

Similarly, by default the list will reflect activity across all collections on all marketplaces. This can also be refined using the 'Collection' and/or 'Marketplaces' dropdown.

Activity details include relevant details such as activity type, timestamp, price, collection, and marketplace.


The Analytics View delivers many insight into portfolio activities including:

  • A chart of the portfolio value over the past year.

  • Chart displaying collections held and the portion of the total portfolio value they make up.

  • Historical look at Profit / Loss activity by collection or by Asset which includes details such as: Total assets bought, total amount spent, total assets sold, total amount received, total profit/loss.

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