🛬Landing Page

When you first visit https://www.sniper.xyz/ you will land on the marketplace homepage, or the Browse page, to help you quickly browse whats currently trending and easily access all of the marketplace features.

Each of the sections noted on the left navigation pane are described in the sections that follow.

The search bar located at the top allows users to quickly navigate to their desired collection or to input a wallet for a portfolio view.

From the top right, users can connect their wallet and discord or, if already connected, can switch wallets and view accumulated rewards.

Additionally, from this page users can catch a glimpse of the following:

  • Trending Collections: Collections with the highest volume over a certain time frame (default 10 minutes - can be configured by user).

  • Watchlists: A quick at-a-glance view of any collections added to a users watchlist.

  • Portfolio: A quick look at a users portfolio.

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