⚙️Global Settings

From the Trade View, users can access the global settings shown below.

These settings allow users to adjust the following:

  • Toggle between Light / Dark theme.

  • Toggle On / Off the marketplace audio chimes on successful sales / purchases.

  • Toggle between rarity mode. This determines the rarity shown on all NFTs. Every marketplace has a slightly unique method for calculating collection rarity which can lead to slight variance between marketplaces. The 'Rank' rarity is generally the most closely aligned between marketplaces.

  • Toggle On / Off display of the source Marketplace (show whether the NFT is listed on Sniper, ME, Tensor, etc)

  • Toggle On / Off Marketplace Fees. This enables users to determine whether the displayed NFT listing prices include any applicable marketplace fees. If toggled on, users can select whether fees include marketplace fees and/or royalty fees.

  • Configure Priority Fee for marketplace and launchpad transactions.

  • Toggle On / Off Rewards Animations

  • Configure Swap Slippage (for NFT to Token swaps)

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