👁️Collection View

The collection view provides traders with everything they need to explore NFT collections.

UI/UX Controls

Customize your experience on the collection view by adjusting:

  • Collection Filters: Use these controls on the left to filter which NFTs are displayed in the NFT view. Filters include price range, marketplace, rarity, and trait based filters.

  • View Panes: Any of the visible view panes can be minimized or maximized. Users can hide/show the collection filters, candlestick chart, live feed, and NFT view.

Collection Data

The collection view provides a wealth of data. Here are some of the features that deliver insights to traders:

Top of the screen

  • Collection Socials (Website, Twitter, Discord), floor price, top bid, volume, supply, holders, and royalty.

  • Trade: Default landing view showing NFTs and candlestick chart. On each listed NFT, users can view the rarity, traits, last sale price, sale price history, and can see which marketplace the NFT is listed on.

  • Bids: Aggregated collection bids across all marketplaces.

  • Activity: Recent activity.

  • Screener: Easy access to Screener.

  • Traits: Collection trait information.

  • Data: Historical floor price, listed count, and volume change.

Right side of the screen

  • Activity: Recent activity.

  • Sniper Bot: Quick access to Sniper Bot.

  • Alerts: Quick access to Price Alerts.

  • Order Book: This provides users a way to view floor thickness at different price ranges on top of the current collection bids across all marketplaces. Some traders use this as indication of how volatile a collection floorprice might be.

  • Watchlist/Overview: Snapshot of your Watchlist.

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