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What are Makers and Takers?

Makers are those that provide liquidity to the marketplace either by listing NFTs to sell or making bids to buy.
Takers are those that receive the liquidity provided by the makers by way of buying items or instant selling against a collection bid.

How does Sniper Market price matching work?

Sniper Market imposes a 0.5%-1% market fee and also respects royalties set by creators.
For cross-market listings, there is an additional marketplace fee along with a minor fixed cost (≈ 0.005 SOL) needed for program execution.
For instance, consider a cross-market listing of 1 SOL where the cross-market charges a 1.5% fee and the NFT carries a royalty fee of 10%. In such a scenario, the minimum amount required for your Sniper bid to match this cross-market listing would be as follows:
1+1(0.5%+1.5%+10%)+0.005=1.1251+ 1 * (0.5\% + 1.5\% + 10\%) + 0.005 = 1.125
0.5% - Sniper market fee 1.5% - Other market fee 10% - Creator Royalty fee (if applicable) 0.005 - Fixed cost for Sniper program execution
If both bid and listing are on Sniper Market, then for an NFT listed at 1 SOL with a 10% royalty fee, the minimum bid amount required to match this listing would be:
1+1(1%+10%)=1.11+ 1 * (1\% + 10\%)= 1.1
1% - Sniper market fee 10% - Creator Royalty fee (if applicable)