🤖Sniper Bot

The Sniper Bot is another one of Sniper Marketplaces most famed features. Sniper is the only marketplace to offer its users a completely free and automated way to snipe listings across all marketplaces.

For those unfamiliar, sniping refers to quickly and automatically purchasing an NFT at a desired price and/or with desired traits.

From the Sniper Bot page, users can configure an endless amount of individual snipes. They can choose the collection, price, quantity, and optionally select traits, rarity, and automatic relisting price.

Important Note: The Rarity setting from the Global Settings described in the Buying and Selling section defines what rarity the Sniper Bot will use to make a purchase. Make sure the rarity setting aligns with your desired rarity.

In order to create a snipe, after configuring the desired settings, users must fund the snipe. This involves depositing SOL into the users trading wallet. Because the purchase is fully automated, the Solana must be in a wallet that the marketplace has authority over.

Users can view their current wallet balance from the Sniper Bot tab and can withdraw these funds back to their own wallet at any time.

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