❓Frequently Asked Questions

There’s something wrong with my Sniper.xyz experience, what do I do?

Our team prides ourselves on being accessible and available to receive community feedback. Apart from being active users of our own tools, we are grateful to have a community that shares feedback with us. If something is not working as intended, please share your experience in #bugs-and-issues.

How quickly does Sniper.xyz pick up new collections?

New collections should be automatically indexed almost immediately (often faster than other aggregators). If you cannot find them through the search bar, you can use the URL if you know the verified creator address https://sniper.xyz/collection/:INSERTCREATORADDRESS .

If a new collection is even remotely hyped, chances are you’ll be able to ask about it in the #sol-trades channel of our Discord. However, if the collection truly seems to be missing, feel free to report it in #bugs-and-issues.

If I purchase an NFT listed on Tensor/ME via the Sniper Marketplace, will I earn points for that marketplace?

Yes! Not only will you accumulate Sniper coins for your usage of the Sniper marketplace, but your purchase will also earn you other marketplace rewards (assuming you purchase use a wallet that you have connected to the other marketplace).

What is the difference between setting a collection bid (CLOB) and using the Sniper Bot?

While both of these tools can be used to automatically "snipe" NFTs from a collection at a certain price, there are some distinct scenarios in which one is better served than the other.

Use the Collection Bid if you do not care about the rarity of an NFT, you just want the cheapest entry possible.

Use the Sniper Bot if you want to snipe by rarity or traits.

Why do I need to deposit Solana in a Sniper Wallet or Trading Wallet to use the Sniper and to place Collection Bids?

The deposit is necessary for these tools because they need to be able to execute automatically. If the deposit was not made into a wallet that the marketplace can control, then you would need to manually approve each transaction when it triggers - which would essentially kill the value of the automation these tools provide.

Do other marketplace aggregate sniper listings and sniper bids?

Currently, no.

Other marketplaces do not yet aggregate listings or bids made on the Sniper marketplace. This means that if you choose to use Sniper and to list your NFT for sale on the Sniper marketplace, then users of other marketplaces will not see that listing. You can use Sniper to list NFTs onto other marketplaces and those listings WILL be visible to users of that marketplace.

This gives Sniper users a true edge on the market. When you use Sniper, you can be confident that you see every listing and every available bid across all marketplaces while other marketplaces leave you in the dark.

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