😲Bids (CLOB)

The key innovation that powers Sniper Market is the first orderbook for NFTs or "Floorderbook." We've designed this new protocol from first principles taking inspiration from the traditional central limit orderbook (CLOB) model.

CLOB is a transparent system of buy and sell orders that are automatically matched and executed based on price and time priority ordering.

For traders this introduces more powerful automation to execute your trading strategies better, faster, and smarter.

How does this translate to my trading experience?

Through the CLOB we are able to automatically match collection bids with listings. On many other marketplaces you'll occasionally find arbritrage opportunities where you can buy an NFT and immediately sell it in to a collection bid for a profit. If you were the person making that collection bid, you would have over paid for that NFT.

When you use Sniper collection bids, you will automatically purchase any NFT listed under your bid price (and save yourself the difference if it comes in cheaper).

Oh yeah, and these bids will execute against listings on ANY marketplace.

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