💸The Marketplace

The Sniper.xyz marketplace is an advanced marketplace and aggregator where traders can view Solana NFTs listed across any and all available marketplaces. Traders can can also:

  • Use Sniper.xyz to list NFTs on the Sniper.xyz marketplace or any other marketplace of their choosing.

  • Earn marketplace specific points (such as those offered by Magic Eden or Tensor) while also accruing Sniper points. Using Sniper - even for trading on other marketplaces - not only gives traders the best prices but also allows traders to double up on rewards.

Sniper.xyz provides advanced trading tools which are freely available and provide users an edge over the competition. These include:

  • A real-time trading view which traders can use to analyze collection trends, chart patterns, and potentially predict buying or selling opportunities.

  • Sniper bot for collections that allow our users to set up automation that will automatically purchase NFTs that meet certain criteria without them actively monitoring.

What is Sniper.xyz not?

  • Sniper.xyz is not a mint bot

  • Sniper.xyz is not a Node/RPC provider

  • Sniper.xyz is not an NFT project (there is no collection associated with this project)

The pages that follow will explain the key features available on the Sniper.xyz marketplace.

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